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Given the sensitive nature of what we do, we do not identify specific organisations. 

The need: Purpose. Clarity. Direction.

The challenges:

  • What is the purpose, identity and reason of the Forum?

  • How would any ‘framework’ operate beyond the ‘personalities’

  • What are the building blocks for an 18-month runway?

The process:

We designed and delivered a two-day intensive workshop with a group of 12 expert members of a creative industry forum. The workshop was broken into two parts: Day one focused on the issues and questions around purpose, then day two drilled into building foundations and next steps.

The outcome:

  1. Established purpose: Identified the core reason for the forum’s ‘existence’ - tested it against assumptions and evidence of need.

  2. Created clarity: Brought into sharp focus the reach and potential impact of the forum as an autonomous group, while aligning it to a set of core principles (developed at the workshop) creating strong foundations.

  3. Steer direction: Helped the forum agree to three clear, easy to deliver next steps, establishing agency and initial roadmap.

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The need: Empathy. Networking. Relationships.

The challenges:

  • How do you inspire a generation to share stories and experiences internally

  • What can you do with those stories to improve intergenerational networking and relationship building in the corporation?

The process:

We carried out an audit of previous efforts, identifying successes and gaps before working in small groups that were made up of a representative selection of different ‘generations’ within the corporation. Using our ‘create, critique and iterate’ process, we developed a strategy, with comms, to 

The outcome:

  1. Surfaced integrity: Authentic on-boarding resources and insight from employees for new talent.

  2. Greater understanding: Improved internal networking and a more informed workforce, signalling greater empathy. 

  3. Breaking silos: With greater empathy came opportunities to work in different ways, creating intergenerational approaches to complex issues, and defusing the ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality across departments. 


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